Joint Medical Service

The UN Joint Medical service is an occupational health unit. It is responsible for medical clearances for new appointments, travel clearances including vaccination and issues of occupational health. It also offers a drop in service for advice and treatment. With the recent appointment of a full-time doctor at Gigiri, the UN Joint Medical Service today offers the comforting presence of on-site medical advice and treatment, alongside its more traditional roles of medical supervision, vaccinations and insurance administration. The clinic has also become a frontline partner in UNON's battle for greater awareness and tolerance of HIV-positive staff, to whom it offers counselling and medical advice as well as access to free anti-retroviral treatment (see box on page 16). UNON also includes on its staff a designated Staff Stress Management Counsellor, who assists staff with all types of psychological needs, from work-related stress to trauma Visit the Joint medical service website on for more details.