Support Services Section

Facilities Management and Transportation Section

Among UNON's key support services is the Facilities Management and Transportation Section, which is responsible for maintaining a comfortable and efficient working environment at Gigiri - both for the benefit of the complex's 3,400 employees as well as for tens of thousands of visitors each year. This involves not only supervising all construction projects, utility maintenance, security systems and the management of the 140-acre grounds, but also the allocation of office space to tenants. The Section is also responsible for managing all UNON internal stores and a vital staff transport service, which runs an efficient fleet of buses for all local UN staff. Read More >>


Procurement Section

Under the auspices of UNON Support Services, the Procurement Section provides UNEP, UN-Habitat and UNON with a reliable flow of vital materials and services, through a full range of procurement services. Read More >>


General Services Section

This Section covers:

  • Travel, Shipping and Visa Unit which manages arrangements for official shipments, all official transport and travel arrangements, including the shipment of personal effects for staff moving to or from Nairobi, and all administrative arrangements associated with official missions and travel, including the provision of visas and Read More >>