General Services Section

This Section covers:

  • Travel, Shipping and Visa Unit which manages arrangements for official shipments, all official transport and travel arrangements, including the shipment of personal effects for staff moving to or from Nairobi, and all administrative arrangements associated with official missions and travel, including the provision of visas and UN travel documents.

  • Host Country Services Unit handles all official government approvals for UNEP, UN-Habitat, UNON and other subscribing UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes and their staff ensuring that each individual is registered with the authorities and aware of all privileges to which they are entitled. For new staff, the HCSU represents serves as a vital service after their arrival, obtaining entry permits for them and their dependants, assisting with vehicle registration, applying for VAT exemptions, and registering eligible staff for duty exemptions on imported vehicles, household goods, and personal effects.

  • Property Management Unit manages the central Property, Plant and Equipment registry of UNEP, UN-Habitat and UNON, receiving and inspection of goods delivered, insurance of assets, and disposal of obsolete or unserviceable property.

  • Mail Pouch and Archives Unit provides a mail and diplomatic pouch service to UN offices worldwide, local messenger and courier services and archives and records management services.