UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya


The United Nations Resident Coordinator system encompasses all United Nations agencies, funds and programmes dealing with operational activities for development at the country level. It is headed by the Resident coordinator (RC), who leads the United Nations Country Team (UNCT), as the designated representative of the Secretary-General for development operations.

The Office of the Resident Coordinator (RCO) supports and facilitates cooperation and coordination among programmes, funds and agencies in Kenya.

Through the leadership of the RC, the United Nations system in Kenya is incrementally moving towards a Delivering as One process, a key mechanism within the reform agenda to facilitate harmonization and coherence among United Nations agencies. Its components include: One Leader, One Programme, One Common Premise, One Budgetary Framework and One Voice.

Current coordination efforts focus on the following five areas:

  • Coordination for Results: For the implementation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), a programmatic document which guides the focus of development assistance in areas of cooperation to support Government priorities, a structure is in place and it constitutes of a Programme Coordination Group and an outcome working group for each of the six UNDAF outcomes.
  • Policy Advocacy and Resource Mobilization: The RC/HC and the UNCT are committed to enhancing the implementation of the United Nations reform agenda at the country level through increased joint programming and pooling of resources. A joint program is a set of activities contained in a common work plan and related budget, involving two or more United Nations agencies and national partners with a common goal.
  • Security Management: The RC is a member of the Security Management Team and briefs (directly or through the Department of Safety and Security) the UNCT about pecific security issues that affect the country and United Nations staff specifically.
  • Inclusion of Non-Resident Agencies: The RC provides support for the inclusion and equal participation of non-resident agencies. This allows drawing on the full normative and analytical expertise and capability available in the United Nations system.

The UNDAF can be considered as a fully comprehensive partnership agreement and cooperation programme, involving and committing together the United Nations system in Kenya and the Government. Through thematic approach within the UNCT and focal points coordinated through the RC/HC office, civil society, non-resident agencies and donors are also involved in the discussions using participatory and all inclusive approaches.

Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee, the UNDP Resident Representative, is the UN Resident Coordinator.

The RC is the designated representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for development operations in Kenya. He/She chairs the United Nations Country Team (UNCT), a common board of all heads of UN agencies working in the country.

The RC leads and coordinates the United Nations' efforts to support the Government in creating and sustaining an enabling environment for the promotion of human rights, good governance and the improvement of the quality of life and the well-being of the people of Kenya by reducing poverty, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups and regions.

In September 2010 the then Finance Minister and current President of Kenya Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta requested that Kenya becomes a Delivering as One country.The UN in the country has taken the first key steps on the roadmap towards Delivering as One. The Delivering as One initiative was launched in 2007 to respond to rapidly changing needs where the UN works. The initiative seek to enable the UN family provide development assistance in a more coordinated way.